Check-In Baggage

All passengers have a free baggage allowance of 15kg.

A baggage label indicating the flight number, date and destination as well as the passenger’s name shall be attached to the baggage at the time of check-in or the time of delivery at the airport drop off point in such a way that it will remain attached to the baggage for the duration of the flight.

Excess Baggage

At the airport, each piece of baggage is weighed separately. If your baggage exceeds the allowed amount, weight and/or dimensions, this is considered excess baggage. You can bring this at an excess baggage fee of 15 EUR/kg/flight.

You are allowed to carry baggage exceeding 15kg up to a maximum of:

  • 30 kg per piece.
  • 40 kg per person.
Special Baggage

We are happy to transport your special baggage, such as sports equipment and musical instruments.

You always need to make a reservation for the transport of your special baggage at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that we are able to carry your special baggage. If you bring special baggage in addition to your standard baggage allowance you will need to pay a fee of 30 EUR/item.

Some firearms and ammunition for sport purposes may under certain conditions be carried as checked in baggage, upon prior approval. For more information and reservations contact AIS Airlines by sending a request to or by calling the AIS Airlines Call Center, tel. +31 (0)20-6541561.

Delayed, Lost, Missing or Damaged Baggage

You should receive a baggage claim tag for every bag that you check in before departure. Make sure to save these tags until you have received all of your baggage.

If you discover in the baggage claim area that your baggage is missing, please immediately inform AIS Airlines. You are required to fill out a Property Irregularity Report within 1 week of arrival.
Once your baggage has been found we will contact you and arrange delivery within 5 business days.
If your baggage has not been found within 1 month you are entitled to a compensation.

Normal use of your baggage may result in scratches, marks, dents and other minor damage on your baggage. We are not liable for this. If you discover other, bigger kinds of damage to your baggage please report this to AIS Airlines as soon as you arrive. If any content of your baggage is missing as a result of damage or theft, report this to AIS Airlines as soon as you arrive. It has to be reported within 1 week of your arrival. After this time we unfortunately can no longer handle your request.

If your bag was delayed, lost, damaged or something was missing from it, please contact AIS Airlines to request reimbursement of expenses and/or compensation. Unfortunately we have limited liability, so if your bag was lost we recommend contacting your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover loss on the basis of the value of the property while, in the aviation industry, only a limited compensation per person is customary.

Please request a compensation form by sending an email to