The German capital with its 3.7 million inhabitants has undergone a fantastic development in the last decade. The city’s famous creativity and outstanding research landscape have been complemented by considerable economic power. Berlin has become a magnet for talent from all over the world and the home and birthplace of a constantly growing number of technology companies.

Berlin is a center for innovation. The strengths of Berlins dynamic economy are particularly in the fields of ICT, media and creative industries, health care, energy technology, transport and photonics. Around 30% of all German startups are based in Berlin. The city’s share of total VC financing in Germany in the last years has been between 50 and 70%. Berlin offers lots of support both for startups and innovative SMEs. The excellent research facilities, innovation hubs of many multinationals as well as investors together form an extremely productive ecosystem.

Berlin is also one of the most attractive cities worldwide, especially for young people. The Millenial Cities Ranking assesses 110 cities according to job opportunities, cost of living, openness and tolerance and the fun factor. In the overall ranking of 17 individual factors, Berlin came first in 2018, ahead of Montreal, London, Amsterdam and Toronto.

As the capital of the biggest national economy in Europe, it goes without saying that Berlin plays a pivotal role in European Union decision making.

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